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Stay-cation: Laguna Beach

Stay-cation. The first time I heard this word, it definitely made me laugh. But honestly, I love the idea. We all are blessed to be living in cities that probably have plenty of places we never explore because it’s so close. We are always yearning to travel somewhere far and different, when sometimes, you can experience new things in your own neighborhood.

I live in Orange County and I attempt to do all the “must-do” things in California, because I figure why not? Well, for Valentine’s this past weekend, me and my boyfriend figured we wanted to do something with our dog. We have always loved Laguna Beach and figured that it would be the perfect first “stay-cation” for us and our little fluff.

Doing some research, I noticed that many hotels charge extra fees for dogs, but we were trying to enjoy a weekend on somewhat of a budget. I came across The Art Hotel, which has no dog fees. It’s about a mile away from the Main street of Laguna, but the hospitality was amazing. The hotel concierge informed us about Crescent Point Park which was across the street. It is basically a pretty beach where you can see beautiful coastal views of Laguna and sea lions hanging out on a rock!

After we checked into our room, we headed to the Koffee Klatch. This place is super cute & dog friendly! If you’re into chai, they serve Big Train Chai, which personally is the best chai there is. After we got coffee, we headed over to The Rooftop Lounge. (Insider tip: Arrive a little before 11:30 for their brunch, you’ll be able to find a good seat, since it is first come, first serve.) At the Rooftop Lounge, we enjoyed good food with a view. I personally would recommend their guava BBQ meatballs and sangria. Those two are a must! After enjoying some brunch, we decided to walk off our food a bit. We took our little fluff to this area that’s located right a little after The Cliff Restaurant and Legion Street. It’s called Brown’s Park, but it is definitely a picturesque area in Laguna that is worth finding.

After walking around all day, our dog was pretty tired so we decided to head to the hotel and just relax. I mean, that’s what vacations are about, relaxing. It just so happened it was also NBA Allstar Weekend, so that consumed the rest of our day until about 8pm. By this time, we were hungry and knew just the place to go. One of our favorite Mexican spots in Laguna is Taco Loco. It definitely isn’t authentic, but their food is really good and they are open till 2am. You can order unique things such as swordfish tacos, calamari burgers, and any type of nacho you desire. After dinner, we headed back to the hotel, drank wine, and watched Batman to finish off our stay-cation.

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