Now entering Central Time Zone

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve added anything to my blog, but I’ve decided to start up my blog again. It has now been two months since I made the move with my boyfriend and our dog to Texas. So far, we are enjoying the different lifestyle over here.

It is true what they say about Texas. You hear everything is bigger. Everyone drives trucks, the grocery store is massive, and the way food is served could easily feed a family. When it comes to food, Texas is known for its BBQ and “Tex-Mex”. I thoroughly enjoy both of these. I truly do believe Texas has THE BEST BBQ, if you’re into peppery BBQ, then that’s what Texas makes. Also, their “Tex-Mex” is really good, it’s basically Mexican food with a twist.

Another few true things about Texas is the beer is highly prominent and that Southern hospitality. In our neighborhood, people actually get together every weekend and hang out. This was a weird culture shock for me because in Orange County we don’t even know our neighbors after living next to them our whole lives. If anything, we try to avoid people on the daily. I know because I’ve lived my whole life that way.

What people don’t realize is not everyone is a cowboy in Texas and live in dirt ranches and farms. The area I live in is ironically very similar to Orange County. I always refer to the area I live as the “OC of San Antonio”…if you’re from San Antonio, you know the Stone Oak area really is the nice part.

The main thing I have already learned from my experience is that it is important in life to explore new things. It’s new experiences that make us grow as people. When you’re young, go and take that job in another state, fall in love, travel, eat what you want, exercise, and just live life exactly the way you dream it. I truly believe that you can do anything in your life that you want, the difference is some people make it happen and others don’t. Be a person that goes after their dreams because in the end, it is our life.


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