Recipe: Stuffed Bell Peppers

I decided to make a post about this since I had some questions about how to make these. The crazy thing is, it’s more simple than you might think. When searching stuffed bell peppers on the internet, tons of recipes will appear. I have used a recipe once or twice, but honestly I like the ones I made today the best.

The trick is to cook what you like and how you like it. If a recipe calls for only a little bit of garlic, but you like more, then add more. Recipes should always be used as a guide to somewhat follow, but if you want to make good food that you actually like, then tailor it to your likings.


1.Gather what you want to put in the bell pepper. Today, I used ground turkey, minced garlic, random seasoning, corn, and black beans. When you’ve decided what you want in the bell pepper, cook all of that up.

2. In the meantime, while you’re cooking the filling…preheat the oven to 350 degrees.

3. After you have finished cooking your filling, prepare the bell peppers by cutting off the top and taking out everything in it such as seeds, so the bell pepper is empty.

4. Next, coat your bell peppers with some olive oil using a brush or by simply wiping olive oil on. *Don’t put too much olive oil on, it doesn’t have to be perfectly coated.

5. Then, put the filling inside of your bell peppers and then place all those stuffed bell peppers on a cooking sheet that is oven-safe.

6. Put a timer on for 30 minutes and when that timer goes off, your stuffed bell peppers are ready to eat!

Note: I added some avocado with paprika and salsa on the top after the bell peppers were done cooking. Feel free to do the same. šŸ™‚




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